Dynamite Automotive Application Group

Automotive apps for connected cars are no longer something considered futuristic, in fact the connected car industry is rapidly growing and as many people are seeing, the future is now.  Our team is working with leading automotive manufacturers, suppliers and other industry stakeholders in the connected car space.  We are developing next generation technology that will allow a car to interact with numerous devices that people use in their everyday life.  Fully autonomous cars may be a few years down the road, however semi-autonomous cars are being developed for markets today.  As a company, we are participating in many industry forums and committees in order to better understand opportunities in the automotive app space.  By working with our team, you can be assured that you will be working with a company that is at the forefront of this emerging industry..  

Fleet Monitoring Apps

We are developing technology that will streamline the managing of a company’s fleet of by integrating with external software platforms.

Advertising Apps

Our team is working with a number of advertisers to deliver a customized visual and audio ad experience to vehicle occupants.

Infotainment Apps

We are developing apps to integrate with automotive infotainment systems in order to deliver content on demand into vehicles

Dynamite Automotive Group

We are one of a handful of companies who are developing automotive related apps for cars in Toronto, Detroit, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The connected car is becoming part of the overall tech experience that people are relying upon in their daily lives.

Dedicated to auto app development and to serving our customers with quality and value; our development team will help to create a user experience that is second to none in the automotive app space. We have taken our knowledge that we have learned in the mobile app space and have leveraged it into the connected car space both in terms of design and functionality.

We are currently developing automotive apps which integrate with existing platforms such as Salesforce.com, Nest home monitoring and others. We develop car apps to operate in a simple and seamless environment so as not to distract the driver. By focusing our attention on making automotive apps simple to use, we know that this will only help to improve user adoption.

Currently, we are working on projects related to car insurance, infotainment, and enterprise productivity. In addition to the above listed areas, we also are focusing on developing technology for our own proprietary in-car advertising platform that is targeted and customized for each individual vehicle. We believe that an advertising platform such as this will have a multitude of applications that will provide benefits to consumers.

As the connected car industry continues to evolve, our team will continue to work hard to be leaders in this field. Being part of the local tech scene in Toronto, Detroit, San Francisco, and Los Angeles allows us to stay connected to our customer base.


Data Visualization For Fleet Monitoring
IoT - The Internet Of Things
User Design
OEM Relationships


Experience working with O.E.Ms

We have experience working with numerous Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) over the years.  Understanding the OEM’s requirements allows us to deploy technology that customers will use as part of their overall driving experience.

We are an industry leader

We are an industry leader in the area of automotive app design.  As a stakeholder in this space, we are continually being asked to speak at conferences from Silicon Valley to Detroit and everywhere in between.  As a company, we host numerous roundtable discussions around topics in the automotive app space.

Leverage tier 1 supplier relationships

It’s not just the O.E.M.’s who are looking at leading in the area of automotive technology, tier 1 suppliers such as Visteon, Delphi and others are actively creating a niche in these area.  At Dynamite, we have built solid relationships with many of the Tier 1 suppliers in the automotive space.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

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