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With our roots in the Detroit and Windsor region, we’ve circled the globe to find our home in Toronto. Our reach, and developers, extend across North America.  We have locations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and of course, Toronto.

Our mobile-first platforms have received unanimous applause, and it’s our belief that the automotive application will be at the forefront of tomorrow’s technology.

Our experience

Client List
Canadian Olympic Foundation
Royal Ontario Museum
City of Phoenix
Harley Davidson
Advertising Week
Trump National Golf Club
Shoppers Drug Mart
City of Waterloo
Leo Burnett
Cushman Wakefield
Red Bull
House of Blues
Saatchi and Saatchi

Dynamite Websites

  • North of (Standard website development with full mobile integration along with search engine optimization)
  • My Resource (A software platform that acts as a central repository for all corporate documents. Administrators are able to centralize training materials and streamline their corporate document management)
  • Salesforce (This platform is designed to assist sales teams to organize customers leads. It has full integration with any CRM on the market today)
  • Brian Masse (Standard website with mobile optimization and database integration)

Dynamite Website Video Technology

  • = (A fully integrated fashion model demo in which users can see how different clothes look in a virtual environment)
  • (A video town-hall platform which is part of an integrated office suite for corporate clients to use with their existing desktop or mobile device)
  • (A software platform which allows people to walk out on a screen to talk, promote or inform a user about a product)
  • (A software platform that can measure the effectiveness of all videos on the internet.)

Dynamite Auto Apps

  • My Mileage (A software platform for the connected car which is able to automatically track and report corporate related business travel from the car)
  • Dynamite Car (A software platform to upload and transmit podcasts to those that have downloaded the app to their car.)
  • (A software platform that delivers customized ads to a car)

Dynamite Mobile Group

  • The Digital (A voter identification program which uses tablets and smartphones while integrating with all political databases in the marketplace)
  • Dynamite (A software platform that is able to determine who are the most influential people at a live in-person event using their social media footprint as the measurement)
  • Crowdfunding (This platform allows for investors and stakeholders to submit a claim in which to dispute an investment transaction. As a mobile platform, individuals can file their complaint easily from their phone.)